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When I was little, I liked to draw pictures with words. When I grew up I discovered that I could put pictures with words and call it a career as a designer. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with being behind the lens and helping brides, grooms, couples and families form their own words when they see themselves in pictures.

I am inspired most by three little beauties that were given to me by my Creator, and I like to spend time with my high school sweetheart who gets to live his own dream, driving around our town in a big red fire truck.

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    Natalee + Andrew — *Engagement

    I love getting to know the people I do through my work. It really is the best part of my job. Natalee and Andew are the type of couple that now that I’ve met I know already that I want to continue to build a friendship with for a long long time. They are truly a special couple. How I got to know them is this: Natalee sent in an awesome wedding video to Q102 back in the summer and because it was so awesome; she and Andrew WON Q102’s Military Bride Bridalrama Showcase giveaway that included their engagement and wedding photography with yours truly. I met them the day of the Bridalrama show and knew instantly they were the kind of couple I was going to have a blast documenting/being creative with.

    I began thinking about and writing this blog post around 9-11-11. I am so appreciative of and have the greatest respect for the men and women of this country who are patriots, like Andrew. When I asked Natalee about how Andew came to be in the military (he was a young teen when 9-11-01 hit us) she responded, “Andrew was literally born to be a soldier. His love and desire for our country and standing up for it is very clear.” I also have great respect for Natalee, for being a young wife to a soldier isn't the easiest job either.

    The art direction I had for their engagement session was pretty clear in my mind; a flag and scene (in rural Warren County, Ohio) that called to the American heritage and patriotism we all should encompass, but that Natalee and Andrew shine with. Doing it at dusk was just a bonus with the fabulous golden light we got at the end of the evening. And — Natalee and Andrew just purchased their first home together and we started at their new house to give them some cute shots of the house as they would remember it, when they were starting this great life together.

    Can’t wait for their wedding in November. Thank you Natalee and Andrew!


    Alyssa + Brian — *Engagement {No. 1}

    I definitely had a college football kind of weekend. I spent Saturday with Brian and Alyssa, whose wedding is fast approaching at the end of this month. One of their ideas for wardrobe for their engagement shoot was in their matching OSU jerseys. I loved how Alyssa had the idea to bring the football along, too; and luckily enough we found some buckeyes on the grounds of her parents amazing acreage in Waynesville, Ohio where we did these shots—and where the wedding will be as well.


    Rachael + Nick * Engagement

    Rachael and Nick are my New Year’s Day couple, 2012. I am very excited to shoot a wedding on a holiday, and to bring in the New Year with such an awesome couple is sure to start off a great year.

    Rachael and I connected through our love of all things crafty, and when we started discussing their engagement photos I knew she would not disappoint with all the crafty things she would make for the session. The image transfer box (featuring a drawing of her own!), the banner, and even the skirts and headbands that are featured on both of their little girls in the family photo session we also did at the same time (posting next!)

    We met up at a local abandoned factory (where scary movies are even made, according to Google) and finished off our first-nice-spring-weekend-session at a blooming fruit farm.


    Samantha + Justin, Engaged No. 1 — Nashville, TN

    I lived in Nashville for almost seven years and have been away from it for almost eight years. When I booked Sam + Justin’s wedding back in the spring, the first thing we talked about was that they were engaged during a weekend stay in Nashville—while they were at a Grand Ole Opry show in Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium. As soon as they mentioned it, all kinds of Music City lights went off in my head. I knew the engagement session had to be here, and it didn’t take a whole lot of arm twistin’ to talk them in to it either.

    So much more to share with you, but for now .. this. I may just marry you .. Nashville, my love.

    Thanks to Sam, Justin and my best friend, assistant (and husband!) Ted for making this a photo shoot to remember. We had such a time running around this amazing city together.


    Letting loose in front of the camera

    I have always had a desire for the humor in any situation for as long as I can remember. I laughed at the class clowns in school and developed my own sense of humor so my college friends and family always knew we’d have a laugh if I was around. I love making people smile, which is maybe why I’ve always had a penchant for picking up a camera and seeing a genuine smile through the lens.

    Humorous photos are great, and make sessions go so much smoother if there is at least one funny person in the crowd at a photo shoot.

    I think they are especially great in engagement sessions. I’ve always wanted to capture the love AND the humor. In my first engagement session (shown in the bottom photo) Justin (the groom-to-be) showed up ready to have his personality shine in front of the camera. In every photo, whether he is sweetly staring at Kim (the bride-to-be) or having a good time making her laugh I knew his humor would shine through when I pulled the images from my camera card. Last month (in the top photo below) my soon-to-be groom — Brad — showed up with a similar personality as Justin and I knew it was going to be a good time. He has a great sense of humor and I can tell that Lauren, his bride-to-be, loves that about him. We found a mural with meat and we knew we had to get a good pose in somehow. I particularly love the expression on Lauren’s face and her looking away with almost eyes rolled. You know that they are going to build a lifetime of laughing together, just by looking at this photo.